This website is the result of a cliché – namely girl meets boy, boy meets girl.

I was minding my own business, happily living on Canada's beautiful west coast. I had been working for many years at trade shows across the country, selling various and sundry products by demonstrating and expounding at length on each product's virtues.

Then I was invited to go to Alaska. Never having had the chance to go there, I said "Heck Yes!"

In Fairbanks, I was introduced to a man who was was living on the USA's west coast, and had for many years been plying the same trade as I, across America.

Little did I know that the stars had aligned to finally bring me together with the love of my life.

Long story short – we married, living first in California. After a few years, his kids finished school and headed off to start their own exciting adventures. Family ties and California's wheezing economy then took us to Kansas, where we have since been living in a small town in the center of the country.

Between the two of us, we have covered most of both countries. We have over seventy years of selling to, and taking care of, our customers. There are a few things we have learned.

  1. There is NO valid reason to sell stuff that doesn't work.
  2. There is NO valid reason to overcharge for stuff.
  3. Once you have sold your stuff, there is NO excuse to give shoddy customer service.
  4. If you have great stuff, you should make it easy to buy.
  5. If you have great customers, you should give them a reward for buying your stuff. (How does Free Shipping on orders over $50 sound?)

So we have created a website to help sell the great stuff we have to great customers like you. We hope you like our stuff, and keep coming back for more. If you notice that most of the writing on this site is in the first person singular feminine, it is because I am verbose. My husband is not.

Cheers and Thank You!