Features of L'il Sweety Oriole Feeder

The L'il Sweety Oriole Feeder uses the same base as our Hummingbird Feeder, but a different lid, naturally.
The lid rests over the base. You may fill it up to the fill mark (about halfway up the base) with EITHER sugar water (1 part sugar to 4 parts water or plain old water. Orioles with drink either.
The 3 recesses on the lid are for grape jelly, and the spikes are for oranges. Cut the orange in thirds and use those spikes to secure the peel onto the lid. The edible part of the fruit will then face upwards, allowing the orioles to feed from it easily.
Put plain water in the ant moat (The circular recess around the hanger.)
The hanger itself fits the small center hole - just like our hummingbird feeder. It engages with a cam-lock, just as our hummer feeder does.

  • Price: - - - - $35.00



Use with oranges, grape jelly, nectar, or all three.

For oranges and grape jelly:

  1. First, fill the center, built-in ant moat, with clean water to block ants from the feeder.
  2. With the orange lid on the clear bowl, press orange slices, or halves on the spikes and fill the 3 troughs with grape jelly.
  3. Drop in the hanger, turn it slightly clockwise and gently pull up. Carry it outside by the hanger.
  4. Locate the feeder so you can see those spectacular Orioles.

To offer nectar to your Orioles using the Easy Nectar Mixing/Filling Option:

  1. Insert the two dividers into the slots in the clear nectar bowl.
  2. Fill the small area between those 2 dividers with white sugar, up to the top of the dividers.
  3. Pour very HOT or boiling water slowly, directly into the sugar.
  4. The sugar will dissolve and flow through the dividers as you pour.
  5. Pour to the top row of holes in the dividers.
  6. With the feeder flat on the counter, gently rotate it back & forth until the sugar is dissolved. Let it cool. Remove dividers - or leave them in.
  7. After the nectar is cool, place the orange lid on the nectar bowl.
  8. Then press orange slices on the spikes and fill the 3 troughs with grape jelly.
  9. Drop in the hanger, turn it slightly clockwise and gently pull up.
  10. Carry it outside by the hanger.


Sure, your feeder is dishwasher safe but it’s so fast & easy to hand wash!
Unlike most other feeders, it’s safe to use dish soap with our feeder.
Avoid heavily scented dish soaps and rinse well with cold water.



Our guarantee:

We’ve made the best feeder we possibly can. It’s extremely tough, as well as UV stable. If anything ever breaks or is lost, we will replace the part at no cost to you, for the rest of your life - no if, ands, or buts.
These feeders have been extensively tested and are being used to feed Orioles throughout the USA. Because we can’t control humans, how they use this, and environments, we cannot guarantee acceptance by your Orioles