Features of Noodlehead Sprinkler

With 12 flexible noodles that you can point wherever you decide, you can now save on your water bill, and ensure proper irrigation of every last nook and cranny of your yard.
As your garden grows, or changes you can bend the noodles to redirect the water and cover the new areas.
As your vegetation grows taller, you can use the Extend-A-Riser (sold separately) to lift your Noodlehead and stay on top of the game.
The Noodlehead will protect your plants ensuring that even the most difficult to spray areas are thoroughly watered.
On the other hand because the water is directed with precision to many different places, it doesn't pool, and it is easy to avoid overwatering the areas near the sprinkler.
One Noodlehead covers 400 square feet at 45 PSI of water pressure.

(As a bonus, you can water your children as well, in the dog days of summer)

PRICE: $6.95






The Extend-A-Riser

As your garden grows, regular sprinklers stop working efficiently, because their streams are overwhelmed by the vegetation above them. Using this Noodlehead attachment you can custom-build a raised sprinkler system that can be lifted as your garden grows simply by adjusting the Extend-a-Riser, to provide the watering your garden needs.

  • The Extend-a-Riser can adjust to heights of 8" to 16" and 24"
  • It grows with your garden!
  • It works by raising the Noodlehead Sprinkler above the growing vegetation.
  • It couples with a regular garden hose.

PRICE: $4.95