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On the this area you will find a vast assortment of showerheads, accessories, hardware, slide-rails, hand-held showers and hoses. We have a great choice of colors and finishes.

We have everything you need to make showering become a daily pleasure, rather than an everyday routine.

ISA Teamjet Massage Shower Heads

Italian-made, ISA Shower Heads have a reputation for quality that is second to none. They feature three entirely different and refreshing spray patterns. Another winning feature is the "fast-clean" anti-scale system. The blue gasket is made of a flexible silicone which is very elastic.

You will no longer need brushes, sprays or abrasive cleaners. All you need to do is gently rub the blue silicone nipples with a sponge, or by hand, and any lime build-up will simply fall off.

Brilliant! Quality and Economy. We think it's a winning combination.

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ISA Fast Clean Shower Heads

They call these the “Anti-Lime” Shower Heads, because if you have hard water or mineral build-up problems, these are absolutely the best!

Behind the faceplate is a flexible silicone gasket, with silicone nipples that protrude through the faceplate. Nothing sticks to silicone – even more silicone.

When you feel you have a change in the flow rate or spray pattern, simply rub the silicone nipples gently with a sponge or your hand, and the lime or mineral buildup will shatter and rinse free. No more clogged shower heads!

ISA Italian-made quality assures you of great showers, year after year.


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