Siroflex Deluxe Amazing Acrobatic Sprayer

Siroflex of Italy is renowned for developing the double-action faucet sprayer in 1962, and their reputation for great quality is peerless. The Siroflex line has something for every sink in the household - from the kitchen to the bath, or the laundry room.

This is the new DELUXE model with Easy-Grip head

  • Fits all faucets
  • Installs quickly without tools
  • Patented double swivel reaches the whole sink


Price: $8.00










The Extended Sprayer by Siroflex


If you need a Siroflex sprayer with an extension for using in a laundry sink or utility tub, where there is often a long reach from the end of the faucet to the bottom of the tub Siroflex has developed the Siroflex Jet Regulator with Aerator. It makes it easier to bathe pets in the laundry tub, clean garden tools and planting pots, fill and empty buckets, and so on. The Extended sprayer is only available in black and white.

This universal chrome sprayer/aerator has a total length 14cm. (just about 5 and 1/2 inches) and it is suitable for all types of taps with thread. It comes equipped with a membrane economizer, to be positioned under the filter gasket, that can deliver water savings of up to 40%.

Price: $9.00



White model available only