Tappymed II Massager

The handheld Tappymed II massager gives you a thorough massage for sore, stiff and tense muscles in your whole body, from neck and shoulders to the sole of your foot. Therapeutic massage is one of the most effective forms of non-pharmaceutical pain relief for sore, tired, and tense muscles. It can get rid of those painful knots that lead to intense pain in the neck and shoulders as well as painful cramping in overworked muscles. It encourages the circulation of the blood in the skin and releases tension in the musculature, which may make you feel more relaxed than before.

The tapping massage involves that the Tappymed II makes short, striking movements.The different heads provide different types of massage and can be used to massage all parts of the body. All of them can be used with or without heat. The speed can be adjusted for effective, powerful massage of the muscles in you body. The 4 attachment heads provided can be used as you find them comfortable, but we have given some guidelines below.



5 different ways to use the Tappymed II:

Without a head: This is like tapping with a ball, and can be used to stimulate especially the lower part of the fist, the palm of the hand, or the arms.

The “brush” like head:This gives a softer massage and is well suited for the joints of the body like: knees, elbows, shoulders, ankles, feet. As the massage is softer, you may find this head to be a good and comfortable alternative to be used for any parts of your body.

The “nipple” like head: It focuses the tapping motion to just one point. You can use it particularly on those parts of the body which are likely to have tense muscles. E.g. in the thigh region. Provides a deeper massage. It does also work perfectly well as a reflexology massage for the sole of your feet, as you can pin point the different reflexology points using the “nipple”

With the “3-Point” head: Works in a similar way as the “nipple” head, but focuses on 3 points for a more rigorous massage. Very effective for e.g. the calf, using the massage under pressure. It can also be applied softly to the joints of your fingers.

With the “bar” like flat head:Very effective massage for long muscular regions like the back and shoulder area, as well as the hamstrings.

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