Features of The Orioles and More Feeder

Made of the same Polycarbonate as our Hummingbird Feeder, this work of art is backed by an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Should it ever become damaged, we will replace that part. Period.

The design is such that the orioles have more feeding options, and more room to move around than any other feeder of its kind. As a result, you get to watch these lovely, and active birds much longer than at a “typical” feeder.

Orioles need to drink water, and they need it often, so this feeder has a large water bowl to keep them happy. The bonus with this design is that the water bowl also serves as an ant moat. Orioles love to eat ants, so it serves as a food supply for the birds, too. The spikes that fasten to the center pole are meant for orange sections – a favorite for these nectar-eaters. I also fasten orange sections to some of the “ladder” spikes from time to time, especially during migration times when the oriole population increases.

The food containers in the bottom bowl can serve for a myriad of goodies. I have used them for nectar (same as hummingbird nectar), but I tend to use them more often for things like peanut butter, apple butter, apple jelly, grape jelly, marmalade, or even meal worms. The orioles that come to my feeders, though, seem to like grape jelly more than anything else. I don’t use the expensive stuff, because they don’t seem to care. But they will eat a lot of it!

As for cleaning the feeder, I do it as needed – usually every 2-4 days. The material is dishwasher safe, but I just take it apart and wash it in my laundry tub, leaving all the bits on a towel or rag to dry. I usually use vinegar and water to clean my feeders. If you choose to use soap, use it sparingly and be extra diligent about using loads of water to rinse all the soap off. Soap is not good for the birds.

And – just a note – don’t be surprised to have finches, cardinals, and catbirds show up to this feeder. We seem to have quite the bird community that loves it. All the more to love.

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