HUMMINGBIRD FEEDERS - probably The Best Hummingbird Feeder Ever!

The description says it all. We carry a hummingbird feeder conceived, designed, and made entirely in the USA. The superior design and quality let you enjoy the birds without the ants, bees, or wasps that are usually such a nuisance.

Read about it. Watch the videos (all from the designer's back yard). Get one or two of your own, and see what the fuss is all about.





The Orioles and More Feeder

Made of the same Polycarbonate as our Hummingbird Feeder, this work of art is backed by an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Should it ever become damaged, we will replace that part. Period. The design is such that the orioles have more feeding options, and more room to move around than any other feeder of its kind. As a result, you get to watch these lovely, and active birds much longer than at a "typical" feeder. Watch the videos here.




Love My Birds Window Hanger

We are proud to bring you The Most beautiful Window hanger on the Market! Designed, Tooled, and Molded 100% in The USA, holds up to 6 lbs and comes with 2 suction cups for hanging on window, and 2 mounting brackets for hanging on wood pole or wood surface

And, of course, it gets along very nicely with our hummingbird and oriole (and more) feeders!




Hummingbird Bling Swing

Hummingbirds perch 30% and up to 80% of every day!

Providing perches for hummingbirds is a simple, easy way to get great views of these attractive birds.

While hummingbirds may be fast and active in flight, they all come to rest sometime.




L'il Sweety Oriole Feeders

You can use the L'il Sweety Oriole Feeder with oranges, grape jelly, nectar, or all three. And it offers a Lifetime warranty




Garlic Grater Set

A three piece hand crafted garlic grater set that provides an easier way to grate food, and prepare dishes with more flavor. The hand painted designs give them a great look, and the glazing all over ensures a safe surface that is easy to clean.





Finally, in our clearance page you'll find great products at incredible low prices. Our clearance items are top quality products, which we no longer sell through trade shows such as our stylish, top-quality showerheads. So we like to give you one last chance to own them before they are completely gone. And we price them to go!